Note to Instructors Who Had an Account at NACSW.net

Your instructor account was transferred to this new system. To log in please use as your User Name the same email address you used to log in to www.nacsw.net previously. Some of you may have multiple accounts there. The account that has been transferred to the new system is the account associated with your instructor data. Please note that the User Name is case-sensitive, so you should type your email address the way it was entered in NACSW.net (e.g. MarySmith@gmail.com or george1234@yahoo.com).

Rather than manually assigning passwords to you, we ask that you request a new initial passcode to be sent to you. To do so, enter your primary email address in the "User Name" field, check the "Send new pass code" option, and click "Log In." You should receive a message on the screen that says "A single use authentication code has been created for you. An email with instructions has been sent to [youremail]."

If you do NOT get this message, it means that you entered your email address incorrectly OR the email address you entered is not the one that is associated with your account. Please try a different email address.

If you don't know your pass phrase, please check the box below to receive a single use password by email.