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The system searches within the text in a column. For instance, if you enter so in the last name search field, it will match Johnson, Souza and Dobson. Thus, it doesn't matter where in the text the sequence is found, nor does it matter whether the text is in upper or lower case.

Traditional wild-card symbols are used. An asterisk (*) ignores zero or more characters, and a question mark (?) skips a single character

In addition to the traditional functionality, you can specify an or condition by entering a vertical bar (|) between two search terms. So if you are looking for someone named Karen or Karin, you can enter karin|karen

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To switch to optional behaviors or to show additional columns to search on, click "Open" Expanded search options. This will allow you to turn off some of the simplifications of the search methods, which allows for more advanced search approaches.

If you uncheck the Search inside text box, your search text will start matching at the beginning of the text and also must match the entire text. In the example we used above, so would only match someone named So. With this option set, the equivalent search would be *so*

If you uncheck the Use simplified search style, searching is performed using regular expressions ("RegEx"). Such expressions are very powerful, which comes at the cost of more complex syntax, beyond the scope of this text. For an introduction to RegEx, click this link: RegEx on Wikipedia

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ID# Member# First Name Last Name City State Country Email Category Cert. Date Web
100011 M000068 Jill Marie OBrien Van Nuys CA US education@nacsw.net CNWI 2008-01-01 http://www.k9nosework.com
100551 M000104 Teah Anders Arroyo Grande CA US teah@gentlepets.com CNWI 2010-08-01 http://www.clicknconnect.com
100556 M000037 Wendy Krehbiel Livermore CA US wendy@tellatail.com CNWI 2010-07-01 http://www.tellatail.com
100558 M000162 Lynne Stanton Grover Beach CA US Linies@rocketmail.com CNWI 2014-05-01
100559 M000236 Diane Baley Goleta CA US AllFurFunNW@gmail.com CNWI 2013-01-01 http://allfurfunK9.com
100561 M000310 Darcy Larkin Arroyo Grande CA US darcy.larkin@gmail.com CNWI 2012-02-01 http://www.clicknconnect.com
100567 M000278 Ivy Underdahl Atascadero CA US borgs@tcsn.net CNWI 2012-02-01
100590 M000136 Gail McCarthy Woburn MA US scentinelnosework@gmail.com CNWI 2010-08-01 http://www.scentinelnosework.com
100594 M000241 Maria Corrigan Holden MA US maria@sniffnewengland.com CNWI 2013-04-01 http://www.sniffnewengland.com
100612 M000041 Chris Mason Los Angeles CA US sydmontonbtk9nw@gmail.com CNWI 2013-12-01 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sydmonton-Bull-Terriers-K9-Nose-Work/392811180807572
100614 M000043 Michael McManus Troy MO US readysitgo@gmail.com CNWI 2013-10-01 http://www.readysitgo.com
100627 M000616 Anne Steciw Milford MA US anne@newenglandscentdogs.com CNWI 2019-08-01 http://www.newenglandscentdogs.com
100667 M000005 Kimberly Buchanan Long Beach CA US kim@joyridek9.com CNWI 2009-02-01 http://www.joyridek9.com
100668 M000015 Chris Busch Lakewood CA US ohsirr@yahoo.com CNWI 2011-10-01 https://alliedk9.com/
100682 M000057 Jo Trent Norwalk CA US jojotrent@gmail.com CNWI 2010-08-01
100696 M000004 Ramona Audette Downey CA US cadogbehavior@verizon.net CNWI 2009-02-01 http://www.cadogbehavior.com
100707 M000226 Debbie Stoner Sebastopol CA US wheeeAgility@sonic.net CNWI 2011-01-01
100709 M000066 Suzi Bluford carmel CA US suzibluford@gmail.com CNWI 2012-02-01 http://www.suzibluford.com
100712 M000200 Josette Kimes Union City CA US info@noseworkfun.com CNWI 2011-07-01 http://noseworkfun.com
100719 M000053 Laurel Scarioni Opelika AL US pawsitiveresults@comcast.net CNWI 2010-07-01 http://www.pawsitiveresults.net
100721 M000116 Linda Chwistek Vallejo CA US lindachwistek@gmail.com CNWI 2011-01-01 http://lindachwistek@gmail.com
100724 M000127 Jennie Keifer Dixon CA US noseygoldens@aol.com CNWI 2011-05-01
100741 M000456 Chris Clifford Lakeport CA US ckclifford@mchsi.com CNWI 2012-02-01 http://ckclifford@mchsi.com
100762 M000141 Jean Morris Redondo Beach CA US Jean@dogpact.com CNWI 2015-07-01
100773 M000007 Barbara Schwerdt Studio City CA US nosek9s@safeathomepetcare.com CNWI 2009-02-01 http://www.safeathomepetcare.com
100774 M000054 Shelley Smith Portland OR US shelleysmithis@gmail.com CNWI 2009-11-01 http://www.k9noseworkoregon.com
100777 M000044 Natalie McManus Troy MO US readysitgo@gmail.com CNWI 2016-11-01 http://readysitgo.com
100785 M000010 Roxanne Baudry So. Calif. CA US TheInLineK9@yahoo.com CNWI 2011-03-01 http://www.theinlinek9.com
100809 M000039 Victoria Lovejoy Sequim WA US vicky@ascentk9.com CNWI 2012-12-01 http://ascentk9.com
100834 M000146 Lauralea Oliver Santa Clarita CA US k9inscentive@gmail.com CNWI 2012-02-01 http://www.k9inscentive.com
100838 M000173 Kelly Wolff-Arias San Dimas CA US kellysk9college@aol.com CNWI 2012-12-01 http://www.kellysk9college.com
100843 M000355 Timmie Schones golden CO US timmie@timmieschones.com ANWI
100848 M000158 Janie Simmons Glen Allen VA US pawsplustrainingva@gmail.com CNWI 2011-06-01 http://pawsplustraining.com
100849 M000159 Jim Simmons Glen Allen VA US jes10501@aol.com CNWI 2011-06-01 http://pawsplustraining.com
100851 M000135 Linda Lyda Azusa CA US kellysk9college@aol.com CNWI 2019-01-01 http://www.kellysK9college.com
100855 M000003 Julie Gaunt-Harris Harrisburg NC US Juliegaunt@yahoo.com CNWI 2008-08-01
100856 M000130 Cathie Laber Boring OR US cathie.laber@me.com CNWI 2011-06-01
100869 M000114 Laura Busch Lakewood CA US K9weim@yahoo.com CNWI 2012-07-01 https://alliedk9.com/
100888 M000155 Jean Richardson Scottsburg OR US trndk9z@gmail.com CNWI 2011-01-01 http://www.wellscreekdogtraining.com
100980 M001187 Susan Ruesch Green Bay WI US skyybluesue@yahoo.com CNWI 2011-10-01 http://www.newk9scentwork.com
100989 M000107 Joyce Biethan Vancouver WA US joycesdogs@gmail.com CNWI 2011-01-01 http://www.joycesdogs.com
100990 M000128 Jacy Kelley Woodbridge VA US jacy@caninecopilots.com CNWI 2010-12-01 http://www.caninecopilots.com
101006 M000153 Leslie Radoicic Bartlett IL US smartiepaws@comcast.net CNWI 2011-11-01 http://www.smartiepaws.net
101047 M000394 Dorothy Turley Lacey WA US letstalkdogs1@aol.com CNWI 2011-06-01 http://www.DorothyTurley.com
101048 M000199 PRITAMO KENTALA Woodinville WA US k9funquest@aol.com CNWI 2011-01-01 http://www.FunQuestDogSports.com
101055 M000190 Michele Garlick Orinda CA US michele.garlick@gmail.com CNWI 2010-08-01 http://www.wholek9.com
101063 M000191 Kathy Gregory Garrison NY US gregdobes@aol.com CNWI 2014-05-01
101071 M000220 Carol Tinker Wilson San Ramon CA US rewardingresultsllc@outlook.com CNWI 2016-05-01
101075 M000218 Cheryl Vincent Portland OR US cmvinc@comcast.net CNWI 2015-04-01
101089 M000187 Rosana C Dropkin Louisville TN US ro.sunshinek9s@gmail.com CNWI 2011-06-01 http://www.SunshineK9s.com
101093 M000223 Paula Zickert Camas WA US smartdogs4@gmail.com CNWI 2013-01-01
101098 M000222 Lynne Young Wilmington DE US lynneyoung@aol.com CNWI 2011-06-01
101121 M000242 Dana Crevling Upton MA US Crevling@dogsofcourse.com CNWI 2011-06-01 http://www.dogsofcourse.com
101129 M000267 Karen Reilly Mamaroneck NY US pawsforobedience@hotmail.com CNWI 2011-06-01 http://pawsforobediece.biz
101132 M000274 Terri Spaeth-Merrick Portland OR US NoseWorkTrial@gmail.com CNWI 2018-07-01 http://noseworktrial.blogspot.com/p/about-terri-spaeth-merrick.html
101134 M000244 Karin Damon Washington NJ US catchkd@netscape.net CNWI 2011-06-01 http://www.shamrockpotofgoldk9scenter.com
101142 M000238 Kathe Baxter White Plains NY US kathe@wagginwork.com CNWI 2011-06-01 http://www.wagginwork.com
101143 M000260 Cindy Knowlton Millersville MD US cindy@seespotgrin.com CNWI 2011-06-01 http://www.SeeSpotGrin.com
101149 M000237 Carolyn Barney Groton MA US info@carolynbarney.com CNWI 2011-06-01 http://www.carolynbarney.com
101154 M000252 Linda Grskovich Columbia MD US lindobes@verizon.net CNWI 2012-03-01 http://orioledogclub.org/
101155 M000255 Virginia Huxley Columbia MO US vhhicloud@icloud.com CNWI 2011-10-01 http://www.columbiak9sportscenter.com
101164 M000280 Silke Wittig Bloomsburg PA US contact@hero-dog.com CNWI 2011-06-01 http://www.hero-dog.com
101175 M000287 Linda Bramkamp Plymouth IL US K9knowswork@yahoo.com CNWI 2011-05-01 http://K9knowswork@gmail.com
101181 M000297 Gretchen Ganz Anchorage AK US sNoWkNos@aol.com CNWI 2012-10-01
101189 M000304 Anne Holiday Wayne PA US info@petsinmotion.net CNWI 2012-04-01 http://www.petsinmotion.net
101200 M000319 Susan Scelzi Islip Terrace NY US susanscelzi@gmail.com CNWI 2011-06-01 http://www.blueribondogtrainingschoo.coml
101205 M000288 Vincent Catalano Columbia MD US Vcatalano@thecoventryschool.com CNWI 2011-06-01 http://www.thecoventryschool.com
101208 M000290 Gale Creek Littleton CO US gale@alldogsense.com CNWI 2011-10-01
101210 M000317 Nicole Reusser-Hillbrecht Irvine CA US nicole@rocksolidk9.com CNWI 2012-04-01 http://www.rocksolidk9.com
101285 M000435 Susan Romano Fairfield PA US suebud42@comcast.net ANWI http://www.fithound.com
101293 M000377 Georgia Edwards Clinton WA US k9nosework@whidbey.net CNWI 2011-06-01 http://www.caninenosework.com
101294 M000378 Ellen Steiger Frankford/ Bethany B DE US freedoge@yahoo.com CNWI 2012-08-01
101299 M000385 Patricia Bentz PHILADELPHIA PA US pabentzz@gmail.com CNWI 2012-02-01 http://www.k-9training.org
101302 M000389 Lisa Kretner Sacramento CA US Lisa@tailwaggingdogs.net CNWI 2012-10-01 http://www.tailwaggingdogs.net
101319 M000419 Adrienne Terrell Glen mills PA US boxerthree@hotmail.com ANWI
101336 M000443 Yuko Furumoto Alexandria VA US info@positive-dogtraining.net CNWI 2012-03-01 http://www.positive-dogtraining.net
101345 M000408 Kathy Echols Columbia MO US krechols@aol.com CNWI 2011-10-01 http://www.columbiak9sportscenter.com
101365 M000431 Roger Lautt Chicago IL US roger@chicagodognose.com CNWI 2011-10-01 http://www.ChicagoDogNose.com
101400 M000453 Stephanie Berry Dayton MD US steph@blueberrydogs.net CNWI 2013-11-01 http://www.blueberrydogs.net
101401 M000454 RuthAnn Stricker Elizabeth CO US ruth@doubledogtraining.net CNWI 2011-11-01 http://www.doubledogtraining.net
101404 M000480 Cindy C Smith Fair Oaks CA US therightsteps@comcast.net CNWI 2012-02-01 http://www.therightsteps.com
101419 M000474 Lori Kobayashi Clear Spring MD US VFRgrl@gmail.com CNWI 2011-11-01 http://www.gopawsitive.com
101423 M000469 Donald Grskovich Halethorpe MD US donaldgr@verizon.net CNWI 2013-05-01 http://orioledogclub.org/
101425 M000466 Line Farr Variable PA US linefarr@gmail.com CNWI 2013-02-01
101434 M000499 Cari Reed Frederick MD US fithound73@gmail.com CNWI 2012-12-01 http://www.fithound.com
101438 M000503 Jessica Schulte New York NY US trainingmattersnyc@gmail.com CNWI 2011-06-01 http://trainingmatters.net
101453 M000505 Susan Frisch Honesdale PA US yourdogsplace@yahoo.com CNWI 2012-10-01 http://www.yourdogsplace.com
101463 M000508 Judy Harris New Bloomfield MO US riverpoodles@gmail.com CNWI 2013-07-01 http://riverpoodlestraining.com
101468 M000543 Catherine Rittenhouse Ramona CA US caitlynusa@yahoo.com CNWI 2012-02-01 https://www.facebook.com/frogfielddogsportsramona
101545 M000571 Donna Soderstrom Modesto CA US donna.gooddog@gmail.com CNWI 2012-05-01 http://www.gooddogdogtraining.com
101592 M000615 Patricia Sontag Franklin MA US noseykerryblue@gmail.com CNWI 2015-09-01 http://www.masterpeacedog.com
101593 M000609 Lorraine Moule Cheshire CT US Smartydog1@aol.com ANWI
101594 M000613 Janice Ritter Sudbury MA US jritter3@verizon.net ANWI http://janiceritter.vpweb.com
101596 M000601 Pamela DeTore Westwood MA US masterpeacepam@aol.com CNWI 2018-07-01 http://www.masterpeacedog.com
101605 M000599 Alecia Buonocore-Elvstad (Elvstad) Bellingham WA US alecia@noseworkmagic.com CNWI 2012-02-01 http://www.noseworkmagic.com
101619 M000647 Rena Thomason Livermore CA US rena@tellatail.com CNWI 2013-10-01 http://tellatail.com
101632 M000621 Pamela Belcher Eliot ME US pamelajbelcher@yahoo.com CNWI 2013-04-01
101633 M000619 Kathy Austin Acton MA US knaustin@gmail.com CNWI 2016-03-01 http://www.goodsportsdogtraining.com
101634 M000637 Sandra McCleary rollinsford NH US pawsitiveimage@yahoo.com CNWI 2016-08-01 http://pawsitiveimage.com/
101670 M000688 Dana Stillinger Albany OR US bestfriendsddc@peak.org CNWI 2014-04-01 http://www.bestfriendsddc.com
101672 M000693 Terry Wilson Eugene OR US twilson2557@comcast.net CNWI 2014-08-01
101685 M000694 Laura Yurchak Kenosha WI US laura@lovingpawsllc.com CNWI 2011-11-01 http://www.lovingpawsllc.com
101691 M000661 Stephanie Challand Gurnee IL US sands904@hotmail.com CNWI 2012-04-01
101698 M000663 Karen Davito Foxboro MA US karavid11@gmail.com CNWI 2015-09-01
101733 M000699 Carol Bond Saint James NY US Beardie007@hotmail.com CNWI 2015-11-01
101749 M000711 Jill Kovacevich Avon CO US mtnnosework@gmail.com CNWI 2014-04-01 http://mountaindogs.org
101755 M000713 Elaine Booker Glendora CA US foothillfido@gmail.com CNWI 2013-07-01 http://www.foothillfido.com
101758 M000716 Jennifer Johnson Montpelier VA US pawsplustrainingva@gmail.com CNWI 2012-10-01 http://www.pawsplustraining.com
101766 M000724 Kiddy Christie Eugene OR US dogscentabilitykc@gmail.com CNWI 2015-12-01 http://dogscentabilitykc@gmail.com
101816 M000758 Donna Toews Metro Vancouver BC CA reflectionpetservices@gmail.com CNWI 2012-03-01 http://reflectionpetservices.com
101820 M000761 Lynn Medlin Venice CA US lynn@dogtowndogtraining.com CNWI 2016-11-01 http://dogtowndogtraining.com
101821 M000762 Marsha Dominguez River Edge NJ US Jazz3793@gmail.com CNWI 2012-12-01
101847 M000838 Melissa Stoller Van Nuys CA US snuffylouise@sbcglobal.net CNWI 2016-11-01
101851 M000781 Vicki Francks Kenmore, WA 98028 WA US dogsnfun@yahoo.com CNWI 2013-01-01 http://www.CascadeCanines.net
101866 M000789 Leah Gangelhoff Bessemer AL US leah@flinthillk9.com CNWI 2011-03-01 http://www.flinthillk9.com
101872 M000793 Steven DeTata Rancho Santa Margari CA US sdetata@icloud.com CNWI 2014-05-01
101889 M000805 Deanna Bunn Longmont CO US paws4thoughtco mail . com CNWI 2013-12-01 http://www.p4tnosework.com
101891 M001186 Tracey Costa Taunton MA US positivenotedogtraining@gmail.com CNWI 2015-12-01 http://www.positivenotedogtraining.com
101898 M000810 Roberta Earle Strafford PA US Roberta_Earle@aol.com CNWI 2016-01-01 http://Roberta_Earle@aol.com
101944 M000840 Michelle Doram Los Angeles CA US michelle@whitecollark9.com CNWI 2014-01-01 https://whitecollark9.com/
101972 M000849 Jane Nadelson Glenmoore PA US info@k9nwsource.com CNWI 2013-07-01 http://k9nwsource.com
102014 M000873 Sarah Cowell Southampton NJ US aleashbetweenus@gmail.com CNWI 2013-10-01
102018 M000876 Kristina Leipzig Vancouver WA US Doglandia@comcast.net CNWI 2012-12-01 http://www.Doglandia.org
102028 M000948 Rachelle Bailey-Austin Lacey WA US rachelle@aboutfacek9academy.com CNWI 2013-01-01 http://www.aboutfacek9academy.com
102051 M000898 Karen Connell Sacramento CA US noseypaws@gmail.com CNWI 2012-07-01
102081 M000917 Donna Hreniuk Glen Gardner NJ US dhreniuk@comcast.net CNWI 2011-07-01 http://www.siriusk9solutions.net
102103 M000937 TERRY TERRY PHELAN California US firecreek@earthlink.net CNWI 2016-08-01 http://showandsportstore.weebly.com/k9-nose-work.html
102104 M000938 Judy Archer-Dick Spencerville IN US judy@mybestfrienddogtraining.com CNWI 2013-08-01 http://mybestfrienddogtraining.com
102147 M000970 Carol Rudolph Tucson AZ US azdesk9@gmail.com CNWI 2015-11-01
102226 M001012 Cindy Affolder Chamblee GA US cindy@daecon.com CNWI 2014-02-01 http://www.adog-ga.com
102244 M001019 Cheryn Breeling Milton NH US crsbreeling@email.com ANWI
102251 M001022 Pam Behrens San Jose CA US info@adogsday.net CNWI 2012-02-01 http://www.adogsday.net
102260 M001032 Elaine Diedrich Sequim WA US pathways4dogs@gmail.com CNWI 2016-11-01 http://pathways4dogs.com
102311 M001055 Yolanda Belluso Bourbonnais IL US torbelsk9@yahoo.com CNWI 2012-02-01 http://www.torbelsk9.com
102320 M001065 Bruce Ringer Tarentum PA US gsd10@yahoo.com CNWI 2014-07-01 http://www.RingersPetDogTraining.com
102342 M001076 Lisa Rodier South Kingstown RI US lisa.rodier@live.com CNWI 2012-05-01 http://www.onthenosek9nw.com
102398 M001115 Melanie Herbst Elmhurst IL US Melanie@foryourk9.com ANWI
102402 M001117 Nancy Reyes Elmhurst IL US nancy@foryourk9.com CNWI 2011-10-01 http://www.foryourk9.com
102413 M001130 Angie Falcsik Charlotte MI US pawsitivek9.info@gmail.com CNWI 2011-11-01 http://www.pawsitivek9obedience.com
102424 M001135 Erin Rezmer Elmhurst IL US rezmer@yahoo.com ANWI
102425 M002400 Tom Rezmer Elmhurst IL US rezmer2@sbcglobal.net ANWI
102438 M001145 Kim Beck Sandy UT US kimbeckdog@gmail.com CNWI 2014-09-01 http://www.positivelytailoreddogtraining.com
102440 M001147 Sharon Middendorf St. Paul MN US smmiddendorf@gmail.com CNWI 2012-03-01 http://www.loveofdogs.net
102463 M001155 Sandy Ellison Bridgeton MO US rs4golf@sbcglobal.net CNWI 2012-04-01 http://www.stlcc.edu/continuing_education
102563 M001197 Corrine Dreyfus Wetumpka AL US cornuskennel@gmail.com CNWI 2012-04-01 http://home.earthlink.net/~cornus
102601 M001208 Cindy Crimmel Tigard OR US cindy@goinbark.com ANWI http://www.goinbark.com
102611 M001230 Kathleen Nurena Stamford CT US knurena@msfamilymed.com CNWI 2019-03-01
102624 M001235 Paula Nowak Lawrenceville GA US Info@caninecountryacademy.com CNWI 2012-03-01 http://www.caninecountryacademy.com
102645 M001246 Jennifer McKay Boylston MA US canineaspirations@gmail.com ANWI http://www.canineaspirations.com
102649 M001256 Andrea Giordano Oswego NY US andrea@dogsamongus.com CNWI 2013-12-01 http://www.dogsamongus.com
102652 M001258 Shirlee O'Neill Frazer PA US info@whatagooddoginc.com CNWI 2013-02-01 http://www.whatagooddoginc.com
102655 M001252 Holly Roche Rollinsford NH US BeSeaside@yahoo.com CNWI 2015-02-01
102661 M001263 Emily Pyle Katy TX US emilypyle@sbcglobal.net CNWI 2013-07-01 http://www.headovertailstraining.com
102672 M001276 Wendy Hazenstab York Haven PA US training@myshilohvet.com CNWI 2013-01-01
102681 M001280 Beth Ann Sabo Cape Charles VA US bethann@easternshoredog.com CNWI 2014-07-01 http://www.easternshoredog.com
102683 M001281 Lola Johnson Enterprise OR US lomike.johnson@frontier.com ANWI
102741 M001314 Sally Bushwaller Chicago IL US sally@bushwaller.com CNWI 2012-08-01 http://www.bushwaller.com
102748 M001321 Janice (Jan) Erwin Kenai AK US djerwin@alaska.net CNWI 2015-03-01
102780 M001342 Ann Waterbury South Colby WA US awdogconnection@gmail.com CNWI 2012-03-01 http://www.sounddogconnection.com
102828 M001376 Sarah Woodruff Easton PA US sarah@pawsnsniff.com CNWI 2014-03-01 http://www.pawsnsniff.com
102844 M001386 Chris Monroe Lynden WA US JaegerScentTraining@hotmail.com CNWI 2016-04-01 http://JaegerScentTraining.com
102852 M001392 Christina Bunn Marysville WA US woofgirls@comcast.net CNWI 2012-01-01 https://www.facebook.com/christina.bunn
102909 M001432 Veronica Selco LAS VEGAS NV US imPETusAnimalTraining@gmail.com CNWI 2012-07-01 http://imPETusAnimalTraining.com
102914 M001436 Nancy Neafus Evergreen CO US nlneafus@me.com CNWI 2016-03-01
102920 M001439 Laura Clawson Carrollton GA US laura.clawson@unleashthepawsitive.com ANWI http://www.unleashthepawsitive.com
102933 M001452 Cindy Luster Morgantown WV US Hijoyk9@yahoo.com CNWI 2012-10-01 http://www.hijoyk9.com
102940 M001457 Elizabeth Scattini Arroyo Grande CA US betty@gentlepets.com CNWI 2014-11-01 http://www.clicknconnect.com
102988 M001489 Jodi Garday-Faix Everson WA US faixland@gmail.com CNWI 2017-03-01
103003 M001499 Elisha Stynchula Los Angeles CA US elisha@isaidsit.com CNWI 2014-02-01 http://www.isaidsit.com
103004 M001500 Melanie A Kerber Mertztown PA US kerberdogtraining@gmail.com CNWI 2012-10-01 http://www.kerberdogtraining.com
103027 M001520 Amber Burckhalter Atlanta GA US a.burckhalter@k-9coach.com CNWI 2012-09-01 http://www.k-9coach.com
103070 M001537 Jamie Bozzi Palm Desert California US jamie@smrtdog.com CNWI 2012-09-01 http://www.smrtdog.com
103079 M001544 Melanie Phillpot Gainesville FL US Eager.Pup@hotmail.com CNWI 2012-04-01 http://EagerPup.com
103091 M001552 Laurey Weiner Morris CT US laureyc@optonline.net CNWI 2013-07-01 http://willoughbytraining.com
103129 M001583 Anke King Remington VA US k9bondz@gmail.com CNWI 2013-01-01 https://www.facebook.com/K9Bondz.LLC?fref=ts
103139 M001590 Celeste Barker San Rafael CA US celestebarker2@comcast.net ANWI http://marindogsports.webs.com
103147 M001599 Brenda Rehrig Canton GA US brehrig@mac.com CNWI 2018-03-01
103207 M001635 Candy Bennyi Penngrove CA US extremenosework@gmail.com CNWI 2012-02-01 http://www.outandaboutwithyourdogs.com
103274 M001678 Cindy Ice Gainesville FL US snifflife@yahoo.com CNWI 2018-05-01
103302 M001699 Amy Peacock Powder Springs GA US rangeramy@mindspring.com CNWI 2018-07-01 http://www.k-9coach.com
103324 M001717 Ann Roseberry Lincoln Potomac MD US ann@arldogsports.com CNWI 2017-03-01 http://www.facebook.com/ARLDogSports
103343 M001729 Beth Bishop Bath MI US bugsanddobes@gmail.com CNWI 2013-10-01 http://www.caninecoaches.com
103372 M001749 Becky Miller Santa Fe NM US rebamiller_99@yahoo.com CNWI 2016-05-01
103378 M001754 Gale Meadow Madison NJ US gmeadow1@aol.com CNWI 2013-03-01 http://www.sthuberts.org
103409 M001772 Karyn Eby Enderby BC CA theK9Tutor@hotmail.com CNWI 2013-10-01
103423 M001781 Jason Heng Leander TX US jason@hengten.com CNWI 2013-05-01 http://www.hengten.com
103448 M001798 Sue McKinney Durham NC US sue@wholedoginstitute.com CNWI 2012-03-01 http://www.wholedoginstitute.com
103551 M001857 Jenny Schneider Cumming GA US campcanieusa@gmail.com CNWI 2013-10-01 http://www.campcanineusa.com
103569 M001863 Valli Rovenolt Watsontown PA US giantpaws@yahoo.com CNWI 2014-05-01 http://pawsitivelyobedient.net
103616 M001889 Ruth Anne Cionca Philadelphia PA US rcionca@me.com CNWI 2014-04-01
103619 M001891 Kathy Hatch Wales WI US kathy@dogscentstraining.com CNWI 2012-12-01 http://www.dogscentstraining.com
103632 M001898 Khara Schuetzner Shawnee OK US info@thedoggiespot.com CNWI 2012-06-01 http://www.thedoggiespot.com
103721 M002065 Tamara Tucker BROOKEVILLE MD US tammy@wigglebuttsdog.com CNWI 2013-01-01 http://www.wigglebuttsdog.com
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